A view through rate on YouTube is the number of times your video has been viewed, divided by the number of impressions you served.

View through rates will vary according to industry, market and how impactful your video is.

YouTube TrueView ads are the most widely used pre-roll ads. A general rule of thumb is to expect a 15% view through rate. This means that 15% of users will go on to watch your video. But the advantage of using TrueView is that you only pay once a user chooses to engage for 30 seconds or more.

In order to keep your viewers watching, consider using these best practices:
1) Hook them in the first 5 seconds. Put branding up front.
2) If you use TrueView, use annotations to keep them engaged.
3) Make sure you have a call to action so users know what to do after they watch.
4) Think about your targeting options. Consider the demographics that you want to test and see who becomes interested. Then refine. Also make sure you have a remarketing campaign to nurture your existing users.

For more tips, download our guide towards the end of this page.