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Wooshii can help you scale your business, capabilities and service level.

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Your Global Team On Demand

The Wooshii marketplace is a great way to expand your team's capabilities. Search the network and find new suppliers to grow your business.

  • Search the network

    Search the global network to find a new supplier or partner. Browse their profile and portfolios and then click to hire them.

  • Post outsourced jobs free

    Post a job and wait for creators and talent to find you.

  • Get found

    Create a profile and portfolio and showcase your work and skills to the world!

  • Build your trusted network

    Create groups of profiles that you like the look of. Or create a list of regular suppliers and add them to your Team’s shared list.

  • Pitch on jobs

    See a project you like the look of. Then pitch for the chance to work on that job.

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Happy Clients = More Work

The Project Dashboard shows you all your projects and allows you to quickly see their current status. At a glance you can see how they are progressing and who is working on what.

  • Dashboard Overview

    See all of your teams, clients and projects in one place. Powerful search and filter options.

  • Build and share a schedule

    Quickly build a schedule. This schedule can then be made visible to your client so that they are always in the loop on progress.

  • Create a task list

    Stay on top of your tasks. Tasks are only visible to you and your team.

  • Track income and costs

    Stay on top of your project’s profitability. Wooshii auto tracks income and costs.

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Lightning File Management

Running any production means sharing and organising files. Wooshii makes it really easy to organise and share these files with your teams, suppliers and clients. Wooshii comes with 5TB of storage and the Lightning Uploader™ free.

  • Lightning Uploader

    Start uploading multiple files and carry on with your work. Re-prioritise and order your uploads and never worry about restarting large files again.

  • Files When You Need Them

    Organise your project files in the cloud so you and your team can access them anywhere. Upload Client files once, (like logos, fonts) to a client folder instantly available across projects.

  • Review With Time Stamped Feedback

    Quickly review images, PDFs and videos in app. Collect feedback on your videos from your team and clients. Comments are time stamped and linked so that you can easily jump to the section in a video.

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Real Time Communication

Communication on Wooshii runs in realtime. Communicate with suppliers and clients live. Instantly share files and feedback between all the parties involved.

  • Separate chat streams

    Chat streams with your clients and suppliers are kept separate. You can instantly share files and messages between streams when you need to.

  • Quickly share

    Instantly share videos, files and feedback in your chat stream.

  • Collect video feedback

    Provide and receive timestamped feedback on videos. Gather feedback from people both using and outside the Wooshii platform.

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